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Located on the north coast of the Iberian Peninsula, between Picos de Europa and the Bay of Biscay, Cantabria can be divided into two distinct areas: inland and the coast. The coast has beautiful beaches, and is also lined with steep sheer cliff faces. The interior of the region is dominated by the National Park Picos de Europa with summits reaching 2,500 m.

Cantabrian cuisine will be a treat for your palate. There is a world of possibilities amongst seafoods, meats, stews, sobaos and quesadas. Do not forget one Orujo shot to round off your meal.

Discover with our guides a lot of secrets in Cantabria:
Where did the man paint for the first time?

Our Aim
We are determined to convince you to come to Cantabria and stay for some days, because it worth your while. The nature and people of this land leave no one indifferent.
About us
We are a group of Tourist Guides accredited by the Cantabrian Tourism Ministry from various backgrounds and disciplines such as Tourism, History, Art, Languages...